Drive Calm

Stress-free driving whatever the situation

The intelligent voice assistant that understands and assists drivers in moments of anxiety, panic or distress.


How Drive Calm works


Drive Calm’s ‘self-aware’ technology makes sure that you’re relaxed, focused and safe in all driving scenarios.


Emotion Recognition

Drive Calm recognises changes in your voice and heart rate to detect moments when you may be distressed or anxious whilst driving.


Distraction Aware

Whether your dog is barking or baby is crying. Drive Calm listens for when you may be distracted and directs you to safety.


Calm Suggestions

Drive Calm provides relevant calming suggestions such as breathing exercises, calming playlists, calm routes and more.

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Why anxious drivers love Drive Calm

Soothing playlists

A collection of calming music scientifically proven to reduce anxiety whilst driving, played when you need it the most.

Safe breathing exercises

We recognise when you’re stressed and offer you simple guided breathing activities that we’ve tested to be safe to do whilst driving.

Smart route suggestions

We understand your driving preferences and calculate a stress free route or a safe pull over destination when you need it.

Private and secure

All of your data and conversations with Drive Calm are confidential and private.

Drive Calm is the ideal companion for when I’m on the road travelling to meetings – the soothing playlists make sure I arrive stress-free, calm and ready to go!

Ready for stress-free driving?

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